Ancestral 1847 Rogers Bros. Help With Value?


I found a 1847 Roger Bros. Ancestral silver platter. The back says 008611 and also 16 IN. They are not spoons but like i said something to serve food. Can anyone help with a possible value thanks!

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  1. Juanaquena says:

    Added: Replacements Ltd. sells Rogers Brothers 1847 silverplate:
    The number 08611 seems to be the number for the particular type of piece – what Replacements Ltd. calls a Medium Silverplate Waiter Tray, 19 inches – I think that is length. They do not have any in stock, now, and therefore have no price set for one. Keep in mind that Replacements Ltd. is a commercial business and sells pieces to make a profit over the price they paid for it. It’s a reliable, reputable firm, however. You can see an image from this web page:
    Just scroll down to the link to Medium Silverplate Waiter Tray and click on the link to see the image.

    For value, you can also check eBay to see if any identical pieces have sold recently.

    I’m not finding any good online resource for you. Instead, I recommend you go to your local public library (or check the library online catalog, first – through the library web site) to find out if the library holds this book:
    Title: Warman’s sterling silver flatware : value & identification guide (2nd edition)
    Author: Phil Dreis; Mark F Moran
    Publisher: Iola, WI : Krause Publications, 2009
    The book may give you an idea about what the numbers on the back mean.

    That is probably the best resource around. If the library does not hold it, ask a reference librarian how the library staff can find a copy at another library for you to borrow (InterLibrary Loan.)

    Keep in mind that "1847" for Rogers Brothers is a trademark name and not the year of the creation of the silver. Also, it is most likely the silver platter is really silver plate. You may be interested in the information here about 1847 Rogers Brothers:

    Librarians–Ask Us, We Answer!
    Find your local Public Library at:

    Best wishes