does "is" on silver mean its real?

i have flatware from rogers and bros. with a IS stamp. i know thats from international silver but is it real sterling silver

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  1. Nathan Lynch says:

    Here is some info I found in an article regarding that…

    "Trademark Rights
    After the death of William H. Rogers in 1873, rights to his trademark were granted to Simpson, Hall, Miller and Company, silversmiths. The company continued to use the trademark until 1893. Subsequently, the trademark was also applied by the International Silver Company founded by the Meriden Britannia Co. and partners until 1939. The letters "IS" stamped on this silverware stand for "International Silver" and are an indication of approximate manufacturing dates."

    The IS is just another company trademark and the company made full Sterling, as well as plated products. You would probably have to bring it in to get appraised to find out the quality of it.

    There are a couple of sites you can read into regarding your pieces.

  2. derfini says:

    Not necessarily, I’m afraid, as Rogers specialized in silver plate. Sterling silver should be marked as such. Have a look at this site, and if there are any other marks, check them against the Rogers marks: