How much is 81 pc. set of 1847 Rogers Bros XS Triple dinnerware worth?


It is a mint condition, silver plated, 82 piece set of 12 knives, 6 soup spoons, 12 butter knives, 13 teaspoons, 12 dinner forks, 6 serving spoons, 12 salad forks, 6 table spoons, 1 large meat fork, 1 gravy ladle, and 1 dinner platter. I have heard it been called multiple styles such as; Isabella, Vintage or Grape. The design does have the grapes and it looks like the images found on
An offer was made for 2.00 USD 30 yrs ago, it had been the only place I had taken it to so I was wondering if anyone had an idea on its true value.

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  1. curtisports2 says:

    Check eBay sold results for that pattern. There is quite a lot of Rogers sold on eBay and prices are all over the place due to the many variables: Pattern, condition, set size and completeness (you will see a lot of odd-numbered pieces – yours is fairly even, 6 or 12, and the one extra teaspoon does you no good, really), and if there is a storage case, how nice that is. Those varied also, from cheap to very well-made.

    I think you should do better than the price from 30 years ago, but not enough to offset the ravages of inflation. If you had taken that $162 and put it in 3 -yr CDs and kept rolling them, even with the next-to-nothing you would have gotten the last five years or so, you would still have tripled your money. There were several double-digit years in the ’80s. You won’t get anywhere near $488 for it.