What's the best way to clean silver-plate flatware?


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  1. acurapah says:

    One question, how much do you have to clean?

    There are several types of products on the market: creams, liquids and cleaning cloths. If you have only a few pieces and the silver is not too tarnished the cleaning cloths, some are made by Goddards or Haggerty, might be the simpliest.

    If you have a larger quantity then you’d probably want to check out the creams or liquids. Some creams you have to apply by hand to each piece and then you rinse with cool water and dry. That can be time consuming if you have a lot. And the rubbing the cream on the item does wear away some of the silver plating. This is the way I usually clean my silver and it works fairly well.

    There is another process of putting the items in a container and adding a soaking solution that removes the tarnish. I’ve not tried this, but if you look in the store with the cleaning products , or online, to find it.

    One tip, after you’ve cleaned these items and you want to prevent the build-up of more tarnish and minimize the times you have to do this process, is to store them in some tarnish preventing storage bags. You can get the fabric by the yard and make some bags or containers yourself. Or buy premade ones for your items. I have one that is a silverware storage unit (sort of like the old silver chests) but without the box, that is made of a material that prevents tarnish. (Many of the chests are actually lined with this fabric. It feels like flannel is frequently is dark cranberry red. I keep my entire silver in there and only have to touch up a few pieces when i want to use them for those special occasions when silver is called for. You can find these storage containers in a lot of places like Bed,Bath and Beyond, or even a good department store that sells silver. And of course the ultimate source, online…

  2. margaret d says:

    white toothpaste – guaranteed

  3. baremp says:

    I heard that if you place the flatware in a large pan coated with aluminium foil, then sprinkle with baking soda and fill with boiling water and cover with another layer of aluminium foil, then let it sand for one hour – then rinse well with cold water.
    It is supposed to work very well
    Good Luck