where is the best place to sell antique silverware?


1855 R Wallace and 1847 Rogers Bros.

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  1. curtisports2 says:

    Not sure about Wallace, but I can tell you that ‘1847’ for Rogers is not the year it was made, it’s a trademarked name, and it comes in many, many different patterns, and most of it is not antique, not silver except for a maybe a thin layer of plating, and not very valuable. And, sets vary greatly in size. Most are lacking in additional pieces beyond the basics, and most that you see have odd numbers of forks, knives, spoons etc (as pieces were lost over the years).

    I suggest going to a site called Replacements.com and finding the exact patterns you have, and then look on eBay to see what has sold. Do not look at asking prices, you must go by actual sold results. Then, if what you see, comparing apples to apples – same pattern, similar condition, and approximate same set size – is to your liking pricewise, that’s where I would try to sell. Craigslist is usually a big waste of time, and any dealer you might find will pay far less than eBay prices.

  2. Bald Otter says:

    at the bus stop near your place.